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Welcome to the Western section of my website

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My Books

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So far, I have fifteen westerns published, by Robert Hale in their Black Horse Western imprint, with several of them also going into large-print editions by Linford and now two are available as e-books. Robert Hale ceased business at the end of 2015 but fortunately, their imprints were bought by Crowood Press. Crowood are a non-fiction publisher, but have chosen to continue with the Black Horse line, so there will be more to come.
Black Horse Westerns are short, involving novels with room for characterization, as well as plenty of action. I have stories about lawmen, cowboys, adventurers and bounty hunters.

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As well as the Black Horse Westerns, I have also been involved with the Express Westerns publishing group. They have produced two anthologies of well-reviewed short stories: Where Legends Ride and A Fistful Of Legends. In the first, I contribute a short story featuring Tomcat Billy and Irish, the two outlaws from Darrow's Badge. In the second, I have a short story about Jonah Durrell, the bounty hunter in Two-Gun Trouble.

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More about Westerns

These pages round up (appropriately) western topics other than my books. Currently available are a page on why I write westerns. It's a tricky question to answer, and here I can talk about the western toys I loved and how I got started as a western writer

There are also recommendations of books and movies, both fiction and reference material. Here is where I talk about the books and movies I've most enjoyed, from Once Upon A Time In The West to Apache Rampage.

Like any writer, I have an extensive library on my main subject. The bibliography lists some of the most useful books in my collection, from volumes on guns, to wildlife books and fascinating first-hand accounts of life as a cowboy, pioneer or soldier.

Coming in the future will be some press clippings, in which you get so see my changing taste in hair styles, and photos of my trips to the west.

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