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Guns, horses, shoot-outs, stagecoaches, robbers, Comanches, chases, brawls, lawmen, tough men and tougher women - you'll find them all in my books
If you like the mountains, deserts or plains; small towns, large towns, cow towns, railroad towns or mining towns; ranches or mines, I can give you adventures in all kinds of western settings. Greed, love, duty, loyalty, honour, jealousy and anger set the characters on their way.

""I'm taking you back to Silverton to face charges of assaulting Red Pearl," Jonah answered calmly.
Spencer scowled. "Damn whore wouldn't do like I wanted. She deserved it."
Jonah Durrell grabbed the grubby collar of Spencer's shirt and hauled him backwards, spilling him from his chair to the floor. He backed off a pace and waited for the cursing man to start rising. "I'm taking you to Silverton," he said firmly.
Spencer gathered his feet under himself and started to stand up. He was partway up when he suddenly lunged forward, aiming to headbutt Jonah in the stomach. Jonah was expecting some such move and side-stepped, hooking his leg between Spencer's to trip him up. Spencer sprawled onto the wooden floor for a second time.
from Two-Gun Trouble

My Westerns

These are the western novels I've had published. All are small hardbacks, with glossy covers, and are excellent reads ! The table below lists each book, and tells you a little about each one. If you like series, you can see which books are related. The books are listed in order of publication.
Most of the older titles are out of print now. I have copies of some titles for sale, and give suggestions for getting hold of the books at the bottom of the page.


Click on the covers to find out much more about each book

cover of Rocking W The first Rocking W story. What happens when lonely half-breed Josh is brought to a ranch. He is accused of murder and only Paul seems to be his friend.
cover of The Paducah War The second Rocking W story. A land war develops and Josh must chose between the old ways and new loyalties. Will Sandy's recklessness drag them into something they will regret ?
cover of The Horseshoe FeudBen takes the blame for Lennie's mistake, but shame leads to anger. Lennie decides that Ben must leave the ranch and his friends but Ben is determined to clear his name.
cover of Darrow's Law An arrogant sheriff and his cowardly deputy must fight off a newcomer who is after Darrow's job. But do the townsfolk trust their sheriff any more ? Does Darrow really have control of the law in Govan ?
cover of Cullen's QuestThe other travellers are worried about the Comanches but Cullen is more anxious to find something that was stolen from his father. Will he regain his inheritance or will the Comanches kill them all first ?
cover of San Felipe GunsThe last Rocking W story. Paul returns to Texas, seeking redemption for something he didn't do years before. Sandy is pleased to see him but Paul finds it hard to face his old friend.
cover of Darrow's Word Sheriff Darrow and his deputy have arrested an unusually pretty murder suspect, but if Beatrix can't charm them into setting her free, her brother will do whatever it takes to get her out of jail. The second Darrow novel.
cover of Hyde's HonourAfter four years, Patrick Cullen Williams finally recovered his father's Texas silver mine. He expected trouble but felt safe in the knowledge that Hyde would help him out. Hyde is a Southern Gentleman who always honours his promises - or so it seems. The sequel to 'Cullen's Quest'.
cover of 'Navajo Rock'Buck Heeley and Scott Beaumont's friendship has made John Clayton jealous. John's efforts to hurt Buck end in a tragic accident.
cover of Darrow's BadgeWho has stolen the jewellery intended for Hugh's bride ? Will the lawmen catch the thieves before Hugh's big day ? The third Darrow novel.
cover of Two-Gun TroubleWhy has one of Miss Jenny's girls been brutally murdered ? Manhunter, Jonah Durrell, just can't resist helping a lady in distress
cover of Silver ExpressWho is behind the silver robberies ? Sheriff Lawson must take a dangerous train ride to find out.
cover of The Judas MetalSilver shipments are being stolen by someone who knows just where to strike. Is Williams' partner betraying him ? The sequel to 'Hyde's Honour' and 'Cullen's Quest'.
cover of Darrow's GambleSheriff Darrow takes a big gamble when he frees the robbers Tomcat Billy and Irish to help him catch the dangerous outlaw Tom Croucher. Which side will the thieves take ? Even they can't agree. The fourth Darrow novel.
cover of Dynamite ExpressA man has been murdered, but the more he investigates, the more Sheriff Lawson begins to doubt the story told by the only witness. Is the sheriff being led astray by his own dislike of the man ? The second Sheriff Lawson story.
cover of Outlaw ExpressAlec Lawson had infiltrated a gang of outlaws, but when they kidnap a young woman, he breaks cover to flee with her into unfamiliar, snowy mountains to escape. Now the sheriff is the one being chased, as he battles the bandits and the weather for survival. The third Sheriff Lawson book

Buying the books

The Black Horse westerns are small hardbacks produced primarily for the library trade. Smaller libraries sometimes have all their westerns together in a separate section, or they may be filed by author name. If your local libraries don't have any, they can be ordered from any good bookshop, or online. Amazon UK have some of my books for sale, usually secondhand copies via their Marketplace sellers, as does
Other places to look include W H Smith, which has the newer titles available within the UK at good prices, with free delivery or instore pickup; or try AbeBooks, which is great for secondhand books of all kinds.
If you live in the United States, you can order hardback copies of Darrow's Badge from Silverjack Publishing, a small company based in New Mexico.

I have some titles for sale at bargain prices myself:

These books can be ordered directly from me, for £6 each. All are brand new hardbacks - dedications and autographs free ! I can take cheques from within the UK, or Paypal worldwide. Email me with orders, or for more information at this address (changing (dot) to . and (at) to @ ) skiffle(dot)cat(at)gmail(dot)com.

Black Horse Westerns

If you want to talk western online, and get to know other Black Horse readers and authors, please try the Black Horse Westerns group, on Yahoo. It is open to all writers and readers of Black Horse Westerns. The group is a fine place for everyone to share their grumbles about publishers, swap information and ideas, and have a gossip. Anyone is welcome to get involved:

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The group also publishes a quarterly online magazine: Black Horse Express. Thhis has articles by authors and readers, along with book extracts, short pieces and Black Horse related news.

Another Hale western author, Adam Wright, has an excellent website about Black Horse Westerns. His site features author interviews (including me), tips on writing Black Horse Westerns and other information about the writers and their books. It is well decorated with many lovely images of the book covers, and generally very interesting.

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