Poem To A Shy Ex-Boyfriend

by Gillian F Taylor

Man, first man,
You've been away.
And how shall I love thee
(like a summer's day ?)
Does it matter, shall it matter ?
For you have made up your mind
that to love is too dangerous
for men of your kind.

I love thee with words;
I love thee with song.
With hope and with passion
I desire to belong.
But you fear it won't work.
You're scared of yourself
So I am rejected,
and you stay on the shelf.

You want love, you've told me.
To curl together in bed
and talk of the small things
that workmates have said.
Holding hands to watch films,
sharing a drink with one straw.
The little things that couples do
but we are a couple no more.

My man, still my man.
And I think that you know
that I'd take you tomorrow
and never let go.
But we tried and you failed
so you put me in the past.
Safer there, for you, 
because it didn't last.

Next time could be different. 
You've thought these things through.
You'll talk more, and try more
and hope she wants you.
But I wait here, rejected
and beg a new start.
And how shall I love thee ?
With all of my heart.

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